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makes one nostalgic for the good old days, eh?



[still thinking]


[this is good] This pictures are a riot.  I'd like to see a photo of Bush jumping so that CNN could use the image every time they talk about the "Bush bounce" in the polls (you know, when his approval rating goes up a tenth of a percentage point).

Doc Paradox

[this is good] Yes, nothing like the classics. Elvis was such a kiss-ass. One of the
results of the Presley-Nixon Summit was that Tricky Dick made The King
an honorary DEA agent (Oh, the Irony!!!) complete with badge. As for
the second pic, are you sure he's jumping and not levitating? Oooooeeee-eeeewooooo! While it may not be a pic of Bush "jumping" there's a great Gary Larson moment in the video here.


Love the pics, I don't know which is better.

I was half asleep this morning and/or came in on the tail end of hearing an item on the radio about Elvis being a DEA agent...thanks for 'splaining that DP!  freakin hilarious.


Smithsonian magazine did a story on the photographer who would get his subjects to jump. I'd say it was a recent article, but I only read it recently - I have mags that go back a few years and am always trying to catch up.

Anyway, along with this pic of Nixon the article also had pictures of Mrs. Ford (matriarch of the Ford auto baron family) jumping, the royal Windsors and Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis. Fun stuff. The


Found it - in case you want to read more about the 'jumping pics'.


I used to have the pictuire of Nixon and Elvis on a t-shirt.  Conversation starter for sure!


[this is good] What an interesting article, Amy! I love Smithsonian. Haven't gotten it in a few years now. :(

I love these pics, mariser! So strange to think how long ago that really was :P


I read the same article in Smithsonian, AmyH, and that's the first thing I thought of when I saw the Nixon jumping picture. I"ve been a subscriber for only about six months, so it was a recent issue.

Elvis died on my sister's birthday.

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