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sure. not technically cheating (it was an open practice and no one batted an eye) but i think it was essentially dishonest. in college i paid off a couple of sports teams so they'd list me as their "assistant manager." They used my $$ to buy new uniforms, and I got out of having to run around in a field sweating for phys ed credits. hell yeah, i'd do it again.

Lord Kalvan

Well not cheating on my part.  But in college I used to do peoples computer science homework for money.  I actually learned Pascal to do someone's homework.

oh yeah  I am also a Kentucky Colonel.....


Yep, school was silly. I never learned anything there. But where were these people you could pay to do your homework when
was in school?! 


I copied a friend's chemistry notebook in high school.  My teacher had made that class an absolute joke and therefore I couldn't be bothered to put in any effort.

Our spelling tests in sixth grade all came from our spelling workbook.  I would copy the words from the upcoming test and do a quick page change during the test and turn in that "practice" sheet.


Okay, Mariser, in my own defense I want to say that I have really bad eyesight and the screen resolution on my work computer isn't great, but just tell me:
Is your new icon Che Guevera or Dr. Cornelius?

Stop laughing.  Shut up, you guys.  I really can't tell.


heh.  you got it just right.  is Dr. Cornelius wearing Che Guevara gear.  the tag line (unreadable, I know) is  "VIVA LA EVOLUCION".

I really need to find it with a better resolution. or possibly change it, as it is too much detail for something so tiny.


here it is, a bit more readable: evolucion


[this is good] LMAO over here!  Please, please, please, tell me we're going to get T-shirts.  In a place like Kansas, you know I need a shirt with this.


Yep. I took Macroeconomics in high school from a teacher who had used the same tests for twelve years. The day before said tests, my friends and I would get together at a pizza parlor and go through his older brother's tests and answers.

And you know what? I still learned macroeconomics.


[this is good] ROFL! Mariser, I want that shirt too. Some of my friends really need that shirt. *standing by with credit card poised*


heh, RedZ, IG, glad you like "Evolucion".  unfortunately, not my idea.  luckily, whoever came up with the idea does sell t-shirts.
so shop away!


yay! great link, thanks. did you see this on the same site? another must have item!

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