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Come to think of it, I suppose I do have a "least favorite Voxers" list... but what's the point?  I just don't add 'em to my Neighborhood, and the list eventually evaporates.


I will publicly name Jeffington, but without consideration for the content of his blog.  It's that his icon gave me a seizure and I wet my pants.  Steer clear new Voxers.

Brown Suga'

LOL @ the comment re: Cranky's and DB's moms!


I vote for Mrs. Bobavid!!!

David Bobavid

lol.. nah, cranky your mom is way funnier!

David Bobavid

btw thanks for the mention.. i didn't think my mom was as entertaining as cranky's! 


Oh and I vote for Bobavid's blog as one to avoid.  haha


it's just because your head will asplode from denying his sexiness...


At least my mom doesn't call me a young professional, or wave at me from the window. 

David Bobavid

*glares back*

no need to deny it then, cranky.. just embrace it.


This "favorite/least favorite" trope is starting to remind me of being in the 7th grade. Thanks, mariser, for nailing it.


Definitely a Jr. High kind of question. I've never been one to care too much about peer pressure, who's in, who's out, etc. Which would explain why my ugly years lasted from oh, age 12 to maybe yesterday.

As long as people keep reading my posts, then I do feel some satisfaction that I'm not just amusing myself.


[this is crushing] well thanks a lot, Teho. I guess I know where Princess Indy and I stand.


Good points, mariser and e2c, and amyh! I was always attempting to BE on the uncool list....and OH was I good at it! LOL!

Snarky McBitcherstein

[this is good]

I wish there was a German accent font, so I could write "you are out" in my best Heidi Klum voice at the end of my list.

I totally agree with everyone who said this reminded them of the 7th grade.  The next qotd is going to be "Do you like Vox?  If so, check this box.  Do you like Vox more than a friend?  If so, check this box."


Herding Cats has the best mother - but that story was posted somewhere else.

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