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I can't really think of too much.  Cape Fear was disappointing because it was so overdone and drawn out.  It was believable until he kept poppin up from the hurricane seas all burnt & everything.  It just got redonk.  The rest of the movie was great.  I heard that oh---what was the other one with the boat...a few people said don't watch the last half hour of it.  The Abyss?  was that it?

also I remember when we had to read The Grapes Of Wrath for 10th grade I thought the ending was super lame.  I haven't read it since so it could just be I didn't 'get it' in my youth & stupidity.  Not that I would necessarily get it now...

I only saw AB in the theater once & I really liked it.  I don't even remember much about it now though, and a lot of people diss it.  I have to give it another look.


Cold Mountain.  Did he really fucking need to die?  Had the writer earned the right to kill him off? I don't think so.

(P.S. I liked American Beauty :o)


Return of the King from LOTR. All those protracted goodbyes and knowing winks... It was soooo sappy and ridiculous.

It's Come To This...

[this is good] Completely agree w/ Redzilla wrt Cold Mountain.  It just sucked.  And, having just seen The Painted Veil--- it's pretty much the same deal.  (Loved both stories!).

Ben Martini

[this is good] I don't know who started this, but I thought I'd throw in my candidate for it.


[this is good] I'm going with books, but this one's being made into a movie. Run away.
Philip Pullman's Golden Compass trilogy ended with utterly gratuitous tragedy, and I mean break-all-your-own-rules melodramatic bullshit, just to twist the not-very-subtle knife.  A clever 10-year-old could (and did) point out the plot holes.


Also agree w/previous comments re: Cold Mountain.


I liked American Beauty, so I can't complain about the ending.  Some of the worst endings ever: Brokeback Mountain, and that last Matrix movie.  But seriously, Brokeback Mountain.  I saw it well after the hype, but had somehow managed to not listen to any spoilers.  I saw it with a clean slate, basically.  By the time the ending rolled around, I was furious.  I felt like there was another 30 minutes just missing, hanging out in the ether probably.


hey teho, got a link to that 10-year-old's review of the Dark Materials (Golden Compass) trilogy? i'm brave enough to admit that i really enjoyed these books and am looking forward to the movie. but my husband would barely speak to me, he was so disgusted that i made him read the first one. ha.


Heh.  That 10-year-old is now 14-and-a-half, and it we never wrote it down.  It was more like an all-family rant in the car.  Mon Schmoop Cherie often reads aloud while we're on long roadtrips; she'd just wrapped up the series & we were all pretty annoyed.  We were like, Phil, we just slogged all the way through that epic chaos, and now this is our payoff?  Right, yes, this is your re-working of Paradise Lost.  We get it.  Honestly, are we expected to care?  So what're you writing next, Citizen Kane as portrayed by bunnies??

Your hubbie's right (this time, heh).  Better to stick with the Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter.


Oh, I want to add Jane Campion's The Piano.  Brilliant story-telling and film-making, but kind of a copout happy ending.  (Can you tell that I am never happy?  Happy ending--bah!  Sad ending--rip off!)

Anyway, the nice thing is that I when I watch The Piano, I just stop it at the point that she's floating in the water, anchored to the piano.  That way the movie ends where I want it to.

As for The Golden Compass series.  Somebody was extolling them to me over and over as "Narnia for atheists."  Finally, I read them.  Uh, what kind of discrimination is that?  So the atheists have to settle for a mediocre story?  Not fair.  (Adding book idea to list--write a decent Narnia for atheists.)


re: "Narnia for atheists" -- partly why I mentioned Harry Potter.


Now I forget how the Piano ended.  I htought it WAS a sad ending!  I only saw it about a year ago & have already forgotten.

Cap'n Crook

The ending to Old School was craptastic. Where was the scene where the girl caught her boyfriend in the act of cheating on her? 

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