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electric firefly

[this is good] damn, I have a meeting from 6-8.  I will have to catch the action after the fact.  I have been enjoying the blogging of the Scooter Libby trial at


.  What a field day today is!


[this is good] GAH!!!
I just commented asking whether or not... in another thread... oh never mind.


I will follow along your liveblog, because I liked the last one, but I cannot watch that man speak without becoming physically ill/violent, so I'll be happy to get it filtered through you and your cohorts.


[rubs hands].  manohman, this is getting interesting...I just heard that Jim Webb, the freshman senator from Virginia, will be providing the official Democrat reply to the SOTU.  I have posted elsewhere  about an exchange between Webb and Bush.  this will be something...
T., I know, you are chomping at the bit to get started, don't you?
Laurie, you'd be surprised how many people suffer the same reaction when attempting to listen/watch Bush.  wouldn't want you to get ill, so please don't try.  enjoy the liveblog, but if you start getting queasy, stop.

Cap'n Crook

I'll bet anybody, double or nothing, he says 9/11 within the first five minutes.

Cap'n Crook

But here's a lovely tune to enjoy while you're waiting. http://www.thefreedomtoast.com/index_blogads.asp


I'll be around after.. hopefully I won't have drunk myself into a coma by then (the only way I can get through a Bush speech without attacking the television) and can make some kind of sense.. (even it is to just tell you guys how much I hate him, again)

Dancing Bear

Cab we judge along on American Idol while we wait?


oh, is American Idol on?  then, judge away, darling

Dancing Bear

Paula Abdul is Dubyah in drag.


Here's an amusing link from a local blog about the various permutations of the SOTU drinking game - the pic is priceless.


You know... all bit-champing aside... this is going to be nearly an hour of listening to the man read his teleprompter in a monotone.  The speech will be both outrageous and dull.  He's self-righteous, proudly and belligerently stupid, completely corrupt ethically, irretrievably deluded... in short, in my eyes, he's fucking evil.  He's certainly the least worthy leader this country has ever had, and we've had some right bastards sally through the Oval Office.

So... I might punk out after all.  Two predictions, though (remember, I can see the future):
1) Apple Inc. will make scads of cash off the iPhone
2) Dubya is a lame duck at last, and will spend the last days of his term getting his ass handed to him, piece by miserable piece, on bone-china saucers.

Yeah, deep down, I'm an optimist.

Dancing Bear

OMG, totally slimey even back then.  He looks like a pervert. Finally a redeeming quality.

Dancing Bear

I wish we were doing an Impeachment Countdown instead.


ooo, that'd be good.  there is a chance we will get to see that.
[fingers crossed]


hey, m, I'll hang in as long as I'm able. Not much good at commentary right off the bat, but this oughtta be interesting...

Dancing Bear

The marathon runs past our front porch and we are hanging a banner across the house hoping a newscrew will pick it up. At least 20,000 people will see it.


El Cap, you missed by a bit.  "but, but, but,...9/11" did not happen until 30 minutes into the speech. the reason why, the first half of the speech was dedicated to the domestic agenda, i.e. platitudes, vagueness, generalities).
however, once "but, but, but,...9/11"  made an appearance, it did not let go; Bush must have said "9/11" at least a dozen times in the last 20 minutes of the speech.

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