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LOVE the iRaq pic.

Cap'n Crook

Karl Rove is too busy bribing Dick Cheney's doctor for a device which causes pacemakers to malfunction.


Karl Rove came and spoke at my workplace to our PAC. It was very well-attended by mostly polite but clearly diplomatically hostile employees. I have to say, Rove has a Reality Distortion Field that is at least as powerful as the one Jobs wields. I was a state-champion debater in high school and several times Rove made me forget, by the end of his non-answer, what question he had been asked that he was not answering.

Also, the only time he answered a question honestly, he gave an answer he knew most of the people in the room would agree with (the question was regarding immigration).

Speaking of reality distortion fields, for some reason your posts are not showing up in my neighborhood, meaning I missed this when you originally posted it. *sadface*


the turd spoke to your PAC?  is this your employer's PAC?  it must have been a weiiird experience...
the RDF is not to be messed with, that's for sure. the only time I ever experienced it was listening to Bill Clinton in 1996. pure magic.
I don't understand why my posts don't show in your 'hood.  yours show in mine. I just noticed that another neighbor's posts don't show in my 'hood either... I wonder what gives. I have all my posts set as public by default, [scratches head]


The nice thing about my employer's PAC is that it is dedicated to the issues that affect us as a company. We get a lot of bipartisan traffic and the appearances are usually good discussions regarding topical legislative matters. It can be fun because we tend to agree on how we're affected as workers/as a corporation, but people aren't afraid to speak their mind on personal subjects.

A state senator sat next to my officemate and I at Rove's appearance. As he explained, "I'm just a junior senator. I came to study how the devil moves among the masses. There must be something here I can learn."

John Kerry didn't have as much of a RDF, but maybe I only think that because I agree with him and the RDF seems stronger when you know at some level what you're being told is wrong.

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