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[this is macabre] 


Holy fuck, Mariser - I am the DEVIL!  That card popped up on my screen and gave me a mild stroke.  And I thought that hanging-ghost card was creepy...


[this is good] Hmm, it seems that I'm the sun.  Like my ego needed the strokes.


Eeeek. I am truly afraid to look!!!

But, of course, Teho is The Sun! *Snertles*! Young and fresh indeed! ;)


I got the same thing...weird.


[this is good] The John Wilkes quote is glorious - gallows humour, I suppose. Gotta love that British wit.

Brown Suga'

[this is good] I LOVE the John Wilkes quote!


[this is good] *Bows to the Earl of Sandwich* :D


[this is good] Awesome Quote ^.^


mariser, that's too funny--that it's you who got makes it even funnier!  And I love the quote.


so -- i started a kind of poll and i'm really interested to know
do you feel any connection, in any way, to the card or description
do you think it's a load of bunk?

so far 4 of us feel some sort of connection to it
one of us says it's crap


it doesn't happen very often, but yes, I did feel a strong connection to my result. I knew the tale of Odin hanging for nine days from the world tree and it had always spoken to me.
I didn't know what result to expect of this quiz as I am not too knowledgeable about the tarot, but I've been reading about the trumps in tarotpedia and the hanged (wo)man reflects me the best.
interesting to see that being the moon also spoke to you.  I'll be keeping track of the results of your poll.


mariser, your story and connection are very intriguiing, to say the least.
on my side, it was more the decription that spoke to me.
i like to think that i'm highly creative and i'm sensitive/intuitive to a fault.
i've also been accused of being very illogical and am frequently told i think "different". even my husband says i that i constantly amaze him with how i arrive at conclusions. usually it's from a whole different perspective, etc.


I don't know how accurate a reading you can get from an online quiz. I had a bona fide witch from Finland do a proper reading, and my base card was the chariot, which made a lot more sense and had way more personal resonance than the card I got in the quiz (also the Hanged Man).


BrownA, I don't doubt that online quiz results are rather...unreliable, shall we say? this one, for some random reason, did speak to me. or rather to my self-image, which can be quite inaccurate from reality (i.e. instead of Body Dismorphic Disorder, Soul Dismorphic Disorder)

it is entirely possible and likely that when/if I get a personal reading, I may get another trump, and I may get enough insight from the reader as to how to interpret it and apply it.  and after hearing of your experience with the bona fide witch from Finland*, I may just do that.

*you know, if you ever feel like making a post about your reading I'd love to see it... totally understand if you dont'; I'm not sure I'd write about mine.

Cap'n Crook

We got the same caption and all. But your card appearance is different from mine.


El Cap, I think that is because the quiz asks you which card set you prefer at the end.

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