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Cheers, mariser!  Happy New Year!!  don't forget the 7, ok?!  Time forgotten is not time lost...


Welcome back!!!

and I see you also got your boogie mats, glad to hear that.  I guess I should log in to paypal and transfer my money or something.  I kinda forgot about that part, ahah. 

anyway, glad you had a good time but it's time to get back to business....like the fqotd and all!! :)

little miao

Hi mariser!!  Happy 2007!  I hope that Steve enjoys his catnippy new year.

Cap'n Crook

My consumption paled in comparison to yours. *bowing head in shame*


[this is good] Yay! You're back! Welcome to 2007.  :-D


[this is hungover]


I'm glad the booze induced fog has lifted from your eyes enough to check in with us! I was about to send the hounds in search of you.

Cheers and best wishes for 2007!


Everyone has to have a hobby - yours is alright with me.

If it were up to me, I'd have a wardrobe of MTTS shirts (along with the ones from their other sites too) - my fave: "Shakespeare's got to get paid." It's all glorious.


[this is good] MFBT w/ bubbly -- excellent work!

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