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dammit, i just bought a RAZR, too.  The price tag is not so supa sweet, however.


[this is good] Lol, mariser. I am SO happy I really don't care about the latest crap. My good old ipod plays only music. My cell phone probably does a lot, but I don't know what.

Let me know when Steve comes out with iBrain! :)


[this is good] Joey has holding vigil and posting pics and getting us all hot and bothered since this morning! Oh, and some additional news coverage here.


Poor Mr. LT just got a Treo last night, and now this!



Lord Kalvan

I want a phone that is a phone.
I want a camera that is a camera.
I want a MP3 player that is a MP3 player.

I don't not want a do everything, do nothing good device.

Anyway, I see a couple of problems.  They announced it too early. Motorola, Samsung, Nokia etc have 6 months to match it.

The design means the screen is going to get filthy being held up against the face.   Typical Apple, looks better than it is.

That's all.

Cap'n Crook

iHangUp on this Steve Jobs tomfoolery.

David Bobavid

i'm SOO super excited about the iphone!! i got my razr last summer.. everyone has 'em now..boo! lol.

but this looks really neat, and i love how everything is touch screen.. although - how's the keyguard or whatever going to work.. well, i'll start saving my ass pennies now - i don't know when they're coming out in canada, but i wants one!


I would like a palm sander/coffee maker/phone/8-track tape player.  'Kay?  Get right on that, Steve Jobs.


Mariser, Kalvan, Cranky & El Cap -- just wait.  They've knocked this one right out of the park.


ha. teho is right. doesn't mean this isn't all very, very wrong. but the gadget whores with more money than sense far outnumber you misters and misses smartypants.  :-)

*crawls off to search for ass pennies under couch*


Oh I'll wait.  and wait. and wait.  I still don't care. I still have a Nokia 6010 (?) It has a phone, I mean it IS a phone, and it has an alarm, and OMG it can TEXT MESSAGE! and I got it for free and I pay less than $50 for service.  and that's still paying too much.  Yeah...people can love their phones all they want.  It just seems weird to me.  I'm poor and I am not an Apple person.  and I am technogeekically retahhhhhded.

I want one of those hoochamajiggies Redz described.  Only instead of an 8-track player I'd like a drill, please.  Or a pooper scooper.


Honestly, my mobile is also Just A F#@%ing Phone.  Its ringtone is even a plain old ringing telephone (like Umuhk's).


...although, also quite honestly, I could EASILY see myself with an iPhone... if it didn't mean abandoning my existing cell phone service.  We just got everyone all together on one of those whole-family plans, and it ain't with Cingular.

Cap'n Crook

I have some basic Kyocera phone with Verizon service. It's not even a flip phone, and like Teho already mentioned, the ringtone is a plain old ringing telephone.


OMG Look what I found for free on my local Freecycle listing!

OFFER:  coffeemaker/computer monitor/blender/cordless phone

sounds good to me!


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