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How wonderfully fun! Whee! How great that you visited with him, star of my favorite book EVAR. Thanks for sharing! I hope he wasn't too brutal in his judgement of you and SO!


[this is good] Lol! When I saw your avatar I was "what the hey....?" Oh, so THAT's who it is! :)
I am very glad you introduced us to Ignatius! He sounds like a wonderful nut!


hee, Amy, I knew you'd get a kick of this.  help yosself to any picture and maybe get a photochop person to put your picture in.
it was a blast to find and horse around with.
funnest/saddest thing (cant' decide).  we spent ½ hour taking pictures and stuff and over 50 tourist must have come by and none seem to recognize the statue; the only ones who did were a trio of drunk (possibly homeless) fellas who came upon us as LordK was taking a pic of me with my arm over Ignatius, and began catcalling:  "oooo girl, get yer paws of my man Ignatius!  Ignatius don't let that girl use youuu!"
I believe Ignatius is pleased.


LOL! Ignatius would certainly be pleased! That is a riot! I must return to New Orleans and find him myself. In the meantime, I'll work on my 'shopping skills.


[this is good] So how did the city look? I know the downtown area and Garden District are okay, but the rest is still bad I hear?


Hooray for the trio of drunk, possibly homeless guys!

Brown Suga'

[this is good] LOL @ youir post.

But that sculpture is marvellous. So realistic, I thought it was a real guy wearing metallic paint all over.


the city?  the city is fucked.  beyond fucked.
as you noted, the Vieux Carre and Garden district are OK.  being the oldest settled parts of the city they were on higher ground.  the rest? beyond fucked.
I will be writing a post about it; still have to sort through  hundreds (no exaggeration) of pictures.
from Kevin the bartender at our hotel:
                    "we faked it through the last Mardi Gras (2005),
                    but never dreamed we'd be continuing to fake it by now"


My valve has virtually no choice but to remain sealed.  Such lack of decency, not to mention geometry.  What kind of juvenile prank is this?  You shall be lashed until you beg for mercy.  

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