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Puh-lease, I breathe, eat and sleep boycott. :o)
Fine, I'll add RIAA to my list.

What's crazy is that the last time they did this, the money they were suing for was of an amount to destroy an 18-year old's life, not scare him away from downloading music.  I mean, suing a kid for a few thousand bucks might sober him up, but one of the lawsuits was for several hundred thousand dollars.


Sounds great.
I will pass on to Sarah who is a big music consumer.

 -- I live in Berkeley.
Our first pair of tuxie kittens were Girlcat and Boycat -- as in, Boycat Safeway for selling non-union table grapes.

electric firefly

[this is good] I've had a boycott against McDonald's going strong for 8 years now (nice golden arches on your new banner ;).  As lauowolf pointed out, living in the Bay Area means you have to boycott (kind of reminds me of that scene in PCU (yes, I have actually watched worse) where the hippie students come armed with their own posters ready to protest anything, but I digress).  I am very much on board with this one.


[isto é bom] I really distrust the RIAA and other industry associates, because they don't really care about paying the artists. They care about getting their cut.

When I heard this story on the news yesterday, well.... nice try, RIAA, but you've just made a terrific argument for your own obsolescence.

Artists *deserve* to be paid for their work, but if the recording industry doesn't try to get itself in gear, it will find that artists and listeners alike have left it behind.

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