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Would this be the place to bring up the topic of anal bleaching? No? Oh, right....there is no proper place for that.

This world is just nuts. Nuts, I tell ya.


holy schmoly. definitely one for the WTF files. (you really think this here procedure will be available soon in good ol' Pikeville Kentucky? oooooooh. gotta start saving my ass pennies!) *runs to look for ass pennies in couch*


Too late!  Oh, Michelle, I'm just glad I didn't have to be the one to bring it up.

A good quote:

And Nawal Nour, an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology
at Harvard Medical School, is no fan of what she calls "designer

"I have always believed that empowerment is via the brain, not the body," Nour said.


All this plastic surgery...it's becoming pathological.  Now, plastic surgery for deformities I approve of BECAUSE after losing all that weight I now have "kimono arms" that I would DESPERATELY love to have corrected.  But these procedures are also SOOOOOOOOOO expensive! *le sigh*


[this is good] Good God Gertie this is really getting nuts. At least I think so. You have clipmark it is cool once I go it together. lol

Cap'n Crook

I might be on an island all by myself here, but, what's the big appeal about possessing a "virgin" vag?


For some men, it's hot. First one in, and all. Whatevs.

This is indeed freaky. I have heard of women getting some reconstruction because after having kids, they were so 'stretched out' the sex was terrible for all involved. Or stitched up to tight that it was painful (post episiotomy or tearing). Fine. That's all well and good.

But as an elective? To 'be prettier'? Hell, men are usually happy they are getting any. Women do hold that power and shouldn't feel insecure about their vaginal area as well as everywhere else.

I used to worry about my buddha belly, but my sex life has never suffered because of it so it's a non-issue. Because again, men are usually happy they are getting any.


Wasn't there a character in The Godfather (book version) that had this done?

Cap'n Crook

I'm 100% with you. If I've gotten that far, I could care less if I'm not Numero Uno.


Suddenly I feel naive and sheltered.


[ this is scarey & disturbing ]
Eventually, maybe surgeons will be able to make a giant slice across the top of a woman's head --- grab firm hold of a handful of head skin --- *YANK!* real hard and in one mighty swoop *PRESTO!*  there's a lift for the entire body at once --- face - neck & chin - breasts - tummy - nanny hoohoo - thighs - calves & ankles! Everything a couple of inches higher & taut instantly!


[this is good] Very scary. I have to agree with Amy tho, most men don't really care if you look like a virgin or not, and, if they do, they have issues. If you are getting it for sexual gratification, the vaginal exercises are good enough for it lol
Sad...just sad.


Having your vag revirginized can be important if you're marrying a guy from one of those backward "wives must be virgins or they'll be stoned" cultures -- but why would you want to do that?

I do NOT need a perkier hoo-hoo, thanks.


I've also heard of women wanting to do 're-virginize' themselves as a gift for 'the guy they should have saved themselves for.'  (I haven't clicked on the article, so it might be in there, too).

It's hard for me to even begin commenting on that. Is it guilt from having a life beforehand? WTF?


I think "Perky Hoo Hoos" would be a great name for an all-chick rock band.


"Perky Hoo Hoos" would be a great name for an all-chick rock band." It would, Amy! It really would! As would the "Disapproving Rabbits"...but that's for another thread.


Or....how about
"Disapproving Hoo Hoos" ???


I think "Disapproving Rabbits" and "Perky Hoo-Hoos" are different genres. One rock, one punk. "Disapproving Hoo Hoos" would be an angry lesbian band.


Don't they sell Virgin pills at Spencer's Gifts? It's been a while since I've hung out at the mall, but I'm pretty sure they sell such items there. Probably just as effective as the surgery.


And LT, that makes me think that they would pay to have the women revirginized and them make them go in for voluntary female circumcision. I read an article about that sometime in the past year and it made me physically ill.


I am just glad i didn't bring up the anal bleaching. Ugh.

You know some people need a shrink not a plastic surgeon.


dear god and mayo on a cracker sandwich......why must we keep coming up with evermore painful and self-hating ways to try and reinvent body parts that should be left to themselves...and I say this as the aged mother of four 9 lb boys whose lady parts have seen more elegant days. hey girls, why don't we just sew our twats shut and be done with it...sorry...I am so tired of the woman hating culure we live in...and we all thought the geishas with the bound feet were freaks.


Can i steal dear god and mayo etc? It's better than sweet cracker sandwich.

BTW geisha did not bind their feet. They are Japanese. It was the chinese that bound the feet of upper class girls. It was kind of a cultural body modification. I am not saying it was a good thing but corseting and high heels in Europe cultures seem to me to be as ghastly as foot binding.


[this is freakin weird] hunh?  I don't get it...


[this is freakin weird] hunh?  I don't get it...

I wonder what Annie Sprinkle has to say about this.

Dancing Bear

Pretty soon it will be like going to the body shop for a wrecked car. Maintenance is key.  If you don't use something too much you don't wear it out,lol! But.... if you do I guess getting it fixed is ok. I would hate to be in a meeting where they discuss what is wrong and how they intend on correcting it. Did you see Mary's "V"? It's hanging half way to her knees. What is proper conversation when visiting a Rejuvenated vagina in the hospital? Are flowers ok? Do you ask to see the new look?

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