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Books were my best friends as a young 'un, too. I got along fairly well with the few other nerdy young intellectuals. I went to a small K-12 rural school, so we all knew each other from beginning to graduation. There weren't enough kids to go around to do too much shunning.


I was too fearful to get into fights.  But other fights during recess were a prime source of entertainment.  So you can say that I liked to watch.


I was never a new kid, but sickly, intellectual and weird will get you cast out no matter how many generations of your family came before you.  Thank goodness for books.


[this is good] Kids can be cruel. I moved alot as a child, but as you can tell from my blogs I just jumped right in the middle  and would say Hi. I am here. What do you all want ta do. lol


you're right, of course. sickly, intellectual, and weird is an express ticket to shunsville every time. but look who's cool now, right?  *looks around*  *hears crickets*  eh.


A liberrian in the making, m!  Books are such good company, at any age.

Lord Kalvan

Well never got beaten because that implies losing.  I was also the wierdo and the shunned.  I always tried fighting back. A few fights never really losing or winning.  Until 6th grade.  Then the fights stopped.  A kid who knew karate decided to pick on the kid with the speech impediment.  He downed me with one punch.  Then I got the chair.  My mother had always said, never start a fight but if you get into a fight, don't fight fair.  I guess I took her advice.  The teacher stopped it before I did something very bad.  Nevertheless, that was my last fight in school.  No one tried again.  However, I was still the wierdo and the shunned.


A chair! I WISH I had thought of that. 


We had three groups of kids at my school -- the popular kids, the
outcasts, and those that nobody seemed to notice. Luckily, I was in the
third group, so I mostly sailed under the radar. Which was fine with
me, because I had no interest in being popular, but I probably wasn't
self-confident enough to deal with actual shunning.

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