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They don't even understand how the internets work.  Since I started using Pandora I've bought 3 CD's that I would never have heard of if not for Pandora.


Whaaaaaaaat!? NO!
I don't know about pandora and all the others but, lastfm?
It's not like you can download all the music and stuff like that, and, they only give samples of the songs. Every once in a while you may download one song from the artist but that's all. That's messed up! :'(


Some bastards always have to screw stuff up.

don't angry up the blood

Oh man.  I hate the gubments.  Don't they have any other shit to do?


[isto é bom] mariser (and all), please take a look at my radio station blog post on this topic. We small webcasters (who are paying *plenty* of royalties already) are about to be shut down if this legislation isn't overruled, and there are things you can do to help. See my post for links, etc.

And thanks in advance for your help and support.

Also, check www.savethestreams.org


Lastfm isn't based in the US, so I don't think they'll be affected by this crap.

but lots of NPR webcasts will, along with all Shoutcast broadcasters - and Live365.com broadcasters, like yours truly.


Thank you for the links e2c.

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