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So sad for anyone facing an incurable disease. My heart goes out to her, her family and to everyone else fighting for cures and treatment.


yeah I just read this on my lunchtime internet news catch-up - sucks big time, that's for sure

she's got youth and stamina on her side, and apparently because the tumour on her rib is small and took a long time to appear, her chances at a longer life are increased

bet she never thought she'd see the day where she'd say she was thankful for having a cracked rib that needed an x-ray


I suspected the worst when I heard about the press conference - I hope that she pulls through this. The thought of Jack and Emma Claire without Mama almost brings me to tears. I was in NC at the time he ran for Senator and got to "know" the family - or at least it felt that way after the campaign. They are all just great people. John really really loves her with all his heart.


I just saw this, too. I hope it goes the very best for them that it possibly can. 

Cap'n Crook

I see our great President (No stem cell funding, himself) has yet to offer a word of solace. Instead he hands it down to Tony Snow. 


A difficult time ahead for them... very sad.


Oh my, this is the first I've heard of this... I'm not that familiar with American personalities, but I've some exposure to Elizabeth Edwards and her struggle.  The Edwards seem like decent people, my heart goes out to them.  

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