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[das ist gut] i just adore your sense of humor


[this is good] Make that two or three and I am with you 100 or so %.


[this is good] hee hee! great answer.


[this is good] I love that one!!!


[this is good] I love what you do with the QotD!! You ARE the originator of the fQotD, aren't you mariser?
Because it's inspired!!!
Now I need to go find a drinking quote.


[this is good] Tom Waits.  What a fabulously strange guy. 

Cap'n Crook

[this is good]

I call on your Tom Waits with:

"I'm getting harder than Chinese Algebra."


Wait, that was Tom Waits, said that?  I thought it was T-Bone Walker (poppies! poppies! poppies!)


er... not Walker.  "Stankus."

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