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[this is good] Why oh Why???????


[this is good] uh huh...


[this is good] Gahahahahahahaha.
I am voting for the Poodle of course!
I am sure that at least it can sing!
(It's probably housebroken, too)
Kidding kidding.

Dancing Bear

My eyes! They Burn! My ears, they ache! Let's make this kid a Soopastah!


[this is good] Um, I'm going to go with B, Chuck.

ding ding ding!



[this is good] Yup, going with B too. :)


I'd vote for Poodle with a Mullet.


Well, since I REALLY don't care for foo foo curly dogs, no matter what their hairstyle is, I think I'll abstain from voting altogether.  The artificial hype about Sanjay??  What a sad commentary on our society that more people voted for him than those who voted in the last presidential election.  Tsk tsk ysk....  ;-)


yarg. No kidding, mc2.
Just about everything these days is a "sad commentary" on society. :(


[this is good] B.  Fricking Someguy or whatever SUCKS!  It's sad, but I watch that damn, accursed show.  I suck.  I know.

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