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Ben Martini



It's funny, if I'd known what a great hole-digger Gonzalex would turn out to be, I wouldn't have been so vehemently opposed to his confirmation as AG.  I guess it's true about giving the Republicans enough rope...


Too bad that on his way out, instead of the door hitting him in the ass, he'll probably get the Presidential Medal of Honorable Ass-Kissing.


[this is good] Glad to see Gonzalez with his feet to the fire.
Glad to see the backs of that one Defense Secretary, that interim UN Ambassador, and that OTHER Attorney General.
Still anxiously awaiting the permanent absence of Rove, Cheney & any given Bush, however.


Al-B-Gon, on sale now at your local AG store.


[this is good] "Still anxiously awaiting the permanent absence of Rove, Cheney & any given Bush,"

what teho said.



[this is good] Ohhhhh ho ho ho check THIS out.
I think I smell something burning.

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