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little miao

[this is good] O what fun!  I love this!  what a marvelous link.  It's a good thing the library is deserted because of spring break, i've been giggling to myself so much.  Shakespeare made an art of insults.  Ah, how I love the man.


Zing!  Take that, thy?  Thou?  Where's my Insultor?  This made me smile:)


"Your bum is the greatest thing about you; so that in the beastliest sense, you are Pompey the Great."

I mean [ahem] your mind, mariser, that's what it meant to say....[snicker]


"You should be women, and yet your beards forbid me to interpret that you are so." Oh, so  true! Ouch! I am in awe. Adding this widget to my Google homepage right now.

Two Sheds Jackson

Thanks Mariser - fab link.  I wonder how many I can commit to memory in order to drop them into arguments!  On a related theme my friend came up with a very silly swearword the other day - "Arsenuggets" - I thought it was rather useful for those times when you drop something on your new shirt or fall over someone else's shoes in the hallway!


[this is good]
Thou misbegotten pottle-deep flap-dragon!

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