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These people are slowly but surely digging their own graves.  And I'm not saying that they need to fear us or others.  Things like this are an indication that they will be destroying themselves before long.  It's called Separation of Church and State guys - look into it.  It's saved many lives here.


Not only that, they're burying the human spirit.  You're too young, but some of us remember that pivotal moment when Kruschev took off his shoe, banged it on the podium and shouted, "We will bury you, we will bury your children!"  Guess who's stepped up to the plate?  


That's exactly what I thought, too, guys. They are burying themselves.

Pfffft. Talk about Control Freaks. Gad.

Hangaku Gozen

As pointed out in the article, there's no basis in Islam for banning either cats or dogs. Some Muslim cultures regard dogs as unclean, but it's not universal and many American Muslims have dogs and cats as part of their families. Some cultural historians think that the taboo on dogs was rooted in the fear of rabies being spread among stray dogs running in packs: but that's a concern all over the world, wherever you have a problem with homeless dogs in public areas.

What I really see going on in this ban is more misogynistic reaction by Wahabist fundamentalists. Many Saudi women own small dogs---they're trendy there as they are in LA or New York---and they use walking the dog as an excuse to go out in public (yeah, they need an "excuse"). Wahabis hate the thought of any woman, even little girls and old women, appearing in a public street: so they ban the dogs, since they can't ban women. Which I'm sure they'd like to do.

The ban on cats is also I think a slap at women, since I have found that people who hate cats often hate women as well. Jis my opnion.


so they ban the dogs, since they can't ban women. Which I'm sure they'd like to do.

So sad in the truth of that statement, ss.


It doesn't matter if there's no basis for it in Islam, the Saudi Royalty are promoting a perverted version of Islam called Wahhabism or Salafism that is essentially a cult within Islam. Look at it as fundamentalist or evangelical Christianity compared to overall Christianity, it's basically the same thing.
The larger problem is that the Saudis control Mecca and Medina and as a result are able to present this corruption of their religion to the world as
religion. Right-wingers in the West love this little fact because they can then use it to promote a forever war in the Middle East.

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