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Well, you've got to make sure you have the right songs in the right order.  The pressure can be overwhelming.  I feel your pain and understand.


thanks for understanding, though you seem to be an expert tape mixologist.
I have this road trip coming up, and in my nightmare I was trying to make a tape for the trip and the friends I'll be with.   talk about pressure.


As far as road trip music goes, I've always been partial to Creedence.  One of the first mixes I made was for a college spring break camping trip.  I put CCR's "Sweet Hitch-hiker" on there hoping that my friends and I would find hot hitch-hiker girls on our way down to Red River Gorge.  It didn't happen.  The tape was good, though.



I'm sure you'll do fine.

electric firefly

It is a lot of pressure.  I once broke up with a guy because of the crappy mix tape he made for me.  (Well, that and the fact he was a terrible kisser.)  I do recall a fair amount of discussion of the importance of mix tapes generally and the order of songs, etc., in High Fidelity.  Maybe has some helpful hints?  Good luck!  

Cap'n Crook

Rule #1...well the only rule is: Don't consider your audience. I know none of us will judge you on what mix you make. Also, don't feel like we're forcing you. Are we?



Lord Kalvan

reminder to myself,  never make a mix tape.


Any music you mix would be well worth the listen, m.


I feel your pain - sounds like one of my dreams!

You could try Muxtape, jsut for fun...


Yikes!  Talk about stressful! :-)


Well what was it a mix tape of?  Yanni?  


thanks for having faith in me, folks.    note I haven't committed to making a tape - this was a nightmare, remember?
ef, funny you mention High Fidelity; my brother begged me to watch it, saying "Rob is you. totally you!"  I didnt' quite see myself there, though.
M-l, CCR is always good. still, I'd be wary of trying to invoke hitchhikers. with my luck, they'd be of the "crazed loner with shotgun" type.  the Red River Gorge is beautiful -


Oh man!  I had a very scary and vivid dream last night in which I was pregnant and pants-less!  I think I'd rather make a mix-tape! 

Zen Ken

Next time, try a mixed drink.  :)


[this is good] LMAO!!! Oh, mariser, this is a classic!!!

Have no fear, m'dear! True friends are very forgiving of "mixed tapes". *collapses in giggles again*

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