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[this is good] I love jellies too. Thanks to you and Lord K for sharing these!


Oh, so magic!  Like colored bubbles and baubles. 

--Fucking Emo Kid.


[this is good] I so love seeing Jellyfish in tanks (not so much in person in the ocean).  How relaxing!  I could have stared at them for quite a long while.   Thank you for posting the pictures!


[this is good] OMG these are FANtastic pics, mariser!! I have only about three minutes left at work, so I can't even read the post...but I had to ooooooo and aaaaaaaaah about the pics! I'll check out the whole post tomorrie....night night~! :D

Cap'n Stephel

[this is good] Oooooh! Some of the tentacles in the first 4 look like fairy legs


[this is good] Cooooool! Amazing pics! I love aquariums and can spend hours looking at the fish, so this pictures make me feel like I was there with you guys!

paul of navarone

[this is good] excellent!


[this is good] Oh these are SO great!!! I could watch the jellies for hours!!!

(just like I could listen to mariser and lordK stories for hours! Heee!)


Just seeing these pics makes me feel a bit more peaceful. 

Cap'n Crook

I still like 'em even though I've been stung once or twice in the Gulf of Mexico. Better they are contained within a tank than floating around my legs.


[this is good]
ooooh these are so beautiful mariser! I've never been to an aquarium so I can't imagine seeing all of them in the same place at once like this. And the neon colors are so cool!!
And definately YES to the "fairy legs" mention!


[this is good]

Wow.  These are GORGEOUS!

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