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[this is good] This puts a huge-mongous grin on my face, mariser!

"I couldn't be any more stoked." .....yeah, cuz if you were, I think you might explode!

I love to see enthusiasm!!! I hate to admit I know nuffin'....absolutely nuffin' about Nick Cave. I think it's time I started paying attention!!!

LOL @ the porntastic mustachios, too!!!! Snort!


[this is good]

I think they did a few dates last year, Grinderman did.  That's who I'd REALLY want to see.  That whole album is just dirty nasty hot sex. (no pussy notwithstanding)

I haven't seen any of the vids for D!!! L, D!!! yet, thanks.

he is hawt hawt hawt.


LOL---i love when he fumbles the lip-synching in the middle!

have you read And The Ass Saw the Angel?

if you haven't, you HAVE TO.


[adds AtAStA to reading list]
[moves to top of list]

I don't know I'd go as far as to say I rather see Grinderman than NCatBS.  they are both full of win and awesome. 
the ideal would be having one open for the other.  whoa


Sorry mariser and cranky.....I previously didn't know that much about Nick Cave either, but after listening to the vids I recognize his voice....and then say to myself.... Oh...he's that guy.  Way cool.... I need to know these things.


Great vids, great songs.  Never heard of him, but hawt he is!  No pussy blues--Combed his hair, sucked in his gut but she still didn't want to.  Gotta love a man who can smile at himself. 


p.s. I love your new banner!!  OMG, remember I was telling you about the troll-doll hair Emily Dickinson?  :-D

May I also suggest, "Fuck you, Master" as an alternative.  Or "I'm fuckin' Nobody.  So are you."


and how about the part where he patted her revolting little chihuahua and still she didn't want to?

and I guess I don't necessarily want to see G-man more than NC & the BS...just that i really really love the album and would love to be there to see them play it live all the way through.


Would it be crossing the line if I made a Mother Teresa banner that said, "Bite me, jackass"?


Crossin' a line? There IS a line? I don't see no stinkin' line.
Actually, I do believe that Mother Teresa actually did say "Bite me, jackass" by the end of her life.
She was fed up!


She was fed up!  And depressed.

How about "I'm ok, you suck."


Combed his hair, sucked in his gut

he also changed the sheets.  and she still didn't want to!

it is a great song/album.  about getting old and finding, to your dismay, that you still want to, you just can't find anyone who wants to with you.

and cp, I noticed the bit about the revolting little chihuahua.   heh.


Life is a struggle. Even (especially?) for the saints.

But she's ok, now!


he wouldn't even have to pat my revolting little chihuahua and I'd do him!!


I woke up this morning (or afternoon to be more precise) and the first thing I thought was that it's way too hot and humid to have this week's growth of beard.  Gotta shave!  I stopped over to check out the neighborhood Vox first and happened to see these videos.  Now there's no way I'm gonna shave this morning.  I've decided to grow a "porntastic mustache" in anticipation of Mr. Cave's Hollywood Bowl appearance.  It's gonna be hot growin', but I think the final product will be so disgustingly sexy that I'm probably gonna be made an honorable Bad Seed.  I've got about 3 weeks before my show.  That ought to be enough time to grow one.


pictures! pictures, don't forget to take pictures!  you'll be ever closer to "R-n J----y"

IF you know what I mean...and I think you hate me for it already.


LOL, of course I remember the Emily troll hair!
I even had a dream where you and your cow-orkers in the Emily archives replaced the virginal white dress with a leather and/or latex dominatrix outfit. 


so, if you get made into an honorary Bad Seed (and how could you not), do you get to go along on the rest of the tour?
hope to see you at the Philly show!


I think I can guess who "R-n J----y" is, but I don't care for dudes in movies of that sort, so I'm not familiar with his body of work.


i was referring to his mustache and his "special talent" that I've heard about.  I'll shut up about it.


Yes, I'm pretty sure I'll be asked to join the tour.  When that happens, I'll come to your town and help you party down.  We're an Australian band!


While I agree that Nick's one Suave guy, and I think he's an Artistic genius, I think there are better ways to deal with hair loss.

My personal favorite is Bob Mould's- shave your head, grow a beard, and work out like a fiend. But, seeing as I'm too lazy for that, I've modified it to: cut your hair really short, invest in good hats, keep the facial hair you've got, and start trying to eat a little healthier.

The thing with any kind of stache, is this: take however good looking you are, and divide it exactly in half. This is how you look with a stache.


I agree with your formula, but there are exceptions.  A mustache--if trimmed properly and worn with style--can actually improve a man's looks.  It's very difficult to pull off, though, and most guys shouldn't even bother.  I find that some women go crazy for my mustache.  Unfortunately, men also find me far more attractive when I have a mustache.  It's a trade-off, I suppose.


"it is a great song/album. about getting old and finding, to your
dismay, that you still want to, you just can't find anyone who wants to
with you."

Ok, now I am really depressed. Snerk.
Not really, but I am really intrigued by this entire Nick Cave discussion. ;)


If M-----l is going all the way to California to see Nick Cave, I guess the least I could do is drive up to Philly.  What I should have done is not whiffed on tickets for his two DC shows.

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