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[this is good]

yay!  and you really had to convince and beg me, huh? ;-)

You've seen him before, haven't you?


I'd never seen him.  he's like 2nd on my list of "shows I want to see before I join the choir invisible".   Tom Waits is 1st and I saw him two years ago.  in Looouiville of all places.

but you have seen Nick before, right?


No, I haven't!  I've liked him for a while but really got into him over the last year or so, it was always one of those things, yeah, I like him but I don't need to go see him (or else I just didn't even pay much attention to concerts at the time, or I was poor or something). Now I NEED see Buckaroo Banzai---er--Nick Cave.

Who was it, then that saw him perform that one song on piano---was it a different version of Hallelujah or something??  Maybe the discussion was on your page & that's why I thought it was you.....


I posted that song.  I'll have to go back and check the discussion...


ah, it was roisin who said she saw it.  I remember her telling me on my page how she saw him and she was dressed like a kook and he was too scared to shake her hand, but I didn't remember that it was her who posted on the song here.


I am so #$$%# jealous I can't stand it!  Nick Cave and Tom Waits are badass.

Have fun!


yeah, it was roisin.   I didn't know about "being dressed like a kook", but I'll say you have to be pretty badass to scare Nick Cave...


DJ, I forget where you are geographically, but do a search for Nick Cave.  apparently the weekday shows (like this one in Philly) are not tewtally sold out yet.


come on out to Philly!  maybe you can find a job here! ;-)


I've got Nick Cave in L.A. next month.  I'm super excited.  I've got nothing going on until then (concertwise) and I'm counting down the days.


Nick Cave? Excellent choice. One of the better shows....

Here's a Nick Cave story you might like:

Remember when the Bad Seeds played Lollapalooza? Well, I went to that Lollapalooza, and was working the second stage at the Phoenix show.  I caught a break to get something to drink, so I make my way over to the Ice Tea stand, and evidently, Nick was seeing the Ice Tea sales girl (she looked about 15 years younger than him. Hence "the Ice Tea sales Girl") because there he is, lounging behind her as she's dealing with a rush of customers. So, when I get up to the counter and she's busy with someone else, I say "Oi! Are you Nick Cave?" To which he scowls. I continue "Well, then, could you grab me an Ice Tea, Mr. Nick Cave?" To which, a somewhat confused rock star reaches into the cooler and grabs an Ice tea. Ice Tea Sales girl looks a bit worried that her Rock Star boyfriend is getting put upon, but relieved to have help with the rush of customers, so he waves her off, and continues the transaction. I say "Thanks" and hand him the cash, and say "Nice Set, by the way" before i head back to work.

Cap'n Crook

[this is good] Very cool.


To which he scowls...

heh.  of course he did - it's his natural expression. 

neat story.

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