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ok I feel dumb but I don't know nick cave and must obviously check out the music b/c I'm hearing too many good things! Congrats on your tickets!!!


[this is good]


I was dreaming about it last night.

I stole your color scheme, of course all black looks best, now no one will be able to tell us apart.


oh we  missed his birthday on the 22nd.  (also I added a photo credit to the banner)


Hey, how does the train ticket fit in?


My mom actually called me on the phone to tell me it was Nick Cave's birthday.  I think she might be turning into a fan.


The p0rntastic mustache is irresistible. Plus mothers will use any excuse to call their darling sons.

Train to Philthy from DC.



kris, don't feel dumb.  however, do look Nick up. if you can watch YouTube videos, here are some videos

cp, the banner is mos' righteous. thanks.  I'll have to d/l it again so it has proper photo credit. 

M--etc, the train ticket doesn't really fit in,. my sister lives in DC and I havent' visited for a while, so I'm flying into DC, taking the train to Philly to visit cranky and for the show and then back to DC.  cute about your mom, maybe she's becoming a Nick groupie/


The p0rntastic mustache is irresistible

amen, sister.

maybe we should invite momM-- to the Philly show.  we can be groupies!


Dang, regarding the train ticket, I should've just said, "I call upon the author to explain."  That would've been clever.  Oh well.

By the way, my mother is not into p0rntastic mustaches and she is not a Nick Cave groupie.  She prefers her musicians clean shaven and not so scary...Chris Isaak, for instance.


I should've just said, "I call upon the author to explain."

good one.  but do we really want to risk having Warren Ellis airhumping all over my blog?

no offense intended against your mom.  sorry I got carried away a bit.


you don't have to re-download the banner, I only put photo credit in the description (as I think you saw)


Maybe your mom is newly converted. Not that there's anything wrong with Chris Isaak, he is most worthy of adoration. and I loved his short-lived tv show.


hey! You're coming to Philly!? See how much work interferes with me being able to Vox properly??? sheesh! I saw cranky talking about the concert but somehow missed the fact that YOU were coming up HERE for it...d'oh.
So that's a tuesday night concert --- I'll be working late that night while you & cranky are Caving ------ I'll be thinking about you both! So while you're up here if you feel some kind of weird vibrations, that's just my brain saying hello to your's, ok?
Have a great time mariser!


!yay! I'm coming to Philly.

!boo! your job interfering with your VOXing.

you work late on Tuesdays?  bah. 


Working late isn't really as bad as it sounds. I work late mon. tues & thursday and that way I get my full 40 hours in in just 4 days, instead of the usual 5.


Nick Cave just watched me scarf 3 BBQ chicken sammiches (they were small) with those mad, staring eyes.  now I'm embarrassed.

narrative essay

My mother as a matter of fact called me on the telephone to tell me it was Nick Cave's day to party. I think she could be transforming into a fan. I feel moronic but I don't know scratch surrender and should plainly look at the music b/c I'm hearing too numerous exceptional things!

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