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What a lucky find!  It's exciting to hear there's a new record coming out.


it is exciting. the seven songs from the new album I heard were lovely, with nice voice harmonies - reminded me of early Crosby Stills & Nash,  Caravan, and even Simon&Garfunkel.


How cool is that !!!  

The set was a mix of The Jayhawks hits...
Ha ha ha haa!

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, here's my real comment:  That sounds like a great surprise of a show.  I love those guys, but have never seen them on the stage together.  I'm quite jealous.  I'll have to check and see if they're coming anywhere near me.

I said, The set was a mix of The Jayhawks  hits

and M-----l said,   Ha ha ha haa!

harrumph!  the crowd sure was reacting as if they were hits. so there.
it was a heck of a show. we came back later in the evening to catch Justin Townes Earle, which was fun.  details on a separate post


In a better world, those songs would've been hits.  "Blue" is my #2 favorite song ever.


Oh yeah Jayhawks! Wichita is one of my favourites and one on a green album that I don't remember the title. I listened this afternoon, all Holywood Town Hall what a great album! I never saw them on stage. I don't know if they came in france I don't remember. It's cool that there is a new album. Blue isn't it on the green album? On this album I remember there even a song with a loosy singer that I loved. I think it was the singer of texas but I'm not sure. Thanks for the info.

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