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I bow before your mighty and distinctive accent!!  May the day bring presents worth opening.  :-)


Lovely sentiments, mariser!  Happy Birthday, Lord K!


[this is good] Happy Birthday to His Lordship!  May you have a wonderful day celebrating together!


[this is good] Happy Birthday Lord!!!!!  It's like Christmas in May! :)


Happy birthday, LK! I love how the last ecard is larger than the rest. We don't need details, btw.


[this is good] HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lord K!

Those ecards were touching. *sniff*

Zen Ken

Happy 10th anniversary of your 29th Birthday.  ;)


All I know is that you went to the beerfest and didn't invite us along... LOL

Happy Birthday to the Mister!!

Lord Kalvan

Home and can see Vox.  yea. And see my nice birthday cards. Arbed,  don't worry,  I won't share details.   Kzinti,  the BF was nice.  a bit disorganized like this post.  Zen Ken,  its actually the 17th aniversary if we stick with decimal.  Hex is nice and I have 2 more years before I am 30 in Hex.  Jaypo,  so far,  just work and these nice cards.  Can't even stay up as I have to be in Cinncinnati by 8:30 AM tomorrow.  And they are nice sentiments indeed Laurie.  And touching.  Eecards has a way don't it Amy.  Christmas in May,  well we did have frost Cranky.  And thanks Homebody.  Might have been easier if I went in order.....


Happy Birthday, Sir Lord.

And it's true, we don't need details.

Photographs, on the other hand...

Lord Kalvan

Aubrey,  you will have to ask Mariser for those

Brown Suga'

Happy Birthday, Lord K!


Happy Birthday Lord K.  See, I'm late, but isn't it nice to still be getting birthday greetings on day two??  :-)  Hope you had a good one!

Lord Kalvan

it is definitely nice to be getting birthday greetings on day two.

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