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That is a very fetching party hat.  Well done!

Cap'n Stephel

Your hat looks better than mine. Oh well, I'll keep that site in mind :D


heh, stephel.  yours is much better and handmade to boot.
I was just goofing around.  blingee is a great site to let your inner 11-year-old run wild. 

Cap'n Stephel

You forgot one thing: shiny ALWAYS makes things better

little miao

[this is good] You've made teh Bear so happy!  He loves his sparklies.  I'm going to post this and Stephel's on my blog for him to see.

little miao

Kemi <3s both of his birfday hats!


Happy Birthday Kemi!!!  You're so special!!!

Brown Suga'

[this is good] Happy Birfday Kemi!

Cap'n Stephel



[this is good]

OMG! My black cat just turned 12 also. Wild.

Happy Birthday Kemi! **catnip mice**

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