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LOL. We are still running on XP, 256M of memory, and Office 2003. Ha-ha!!! <points>


I hope you get that bunny.  Sympathies from another recent Office 2007 victim.


Oh yeah, one more thing, we are all going to someone's hell, just remember that... LOL

Zen Ken

As it is, I very rarely use Office at home (afaik most people use OpenOffice on a Mac.. since it a) is free and b) works) except for Excel.  Outlook sucks ass.  This awesome and fast is a bunch of crap when Outlook AND Excel/Word hang when you're trying to open an attachment.  So much for that interoperabilty paradigm.  I feel like I've gone back to Windows 95.


I think we use office 03. I've seen 07 at my mom's place and the first thing I discovered, aside from it looking different from 03, is that I couldn't find "help". I don't think we have any reason to upgrade, honestly.

I can't believe that they have updated to vista. I mean even microsoft has admitted what a piece of shit it is.

Hangaku Gozen

Have you experienced the strange tendency of Word 07 to place punctuation outside of the end quote, like "This program sucks". This is a violation of every style book I have ever read, and it is making my poor ESL students crazy, since I've taught them better but the damn grammar check keeps underlining the correct form as an error. "This program sucks."

I've sent several emails to Microsoft, one of them written in very violent language (for me, anyway), but I have seen neither a correction or even an apology. MS programmers apparently know nothing of punctuation. Maybe nothing about the English language.



Not all that intuitive if you're asking the likes of me.  Sometimes I miss it the way it used to be.  It was easier to find how to do stuff.


office 2007 takes some getting used to...more than some actually, but I think it's better. way better.

vista on the other hand just blows compared to XP.


For some reason I kept thinking of Office 97 when I read this.  I have a copy of that! It wasn't so bad!  It was a nice, simple program with few bells and whistles.


Many sympathies, mariser. I remember all the cussing when we made the switch. I think I learned some new words.


Did you use any of that Ewok Tagalog language?

Cap'n Stephel

You're quite lucky to be avoiding Vista =) (as I sit here and type on my XP computer). I talked to someone that has tested Windows 7 and he likes it a LOT more than Vista ::crosses fingers::

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