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[this is good] You know what makes this hard is that as soon as you read someone else's, those are stuck in your head.  It's like earworms on steroids!


true dat.  when I saw Tom's post I didn't finish reading it until after I had my list.

...and now  I'm scratching my head:  where's The Beach Boys? Queen? Ella Fitzgerald? Koko Taylor? Gillian Welch? Johnny Cash?...


[this is good] and i forgot mr lovett. drat.  lol at earworms on steroids.  great list, m

Steve Betz

[this is good] That's a pretty damn good list for off the top of your head!


[this is good] It's a GREAT list! :D

I'll try to clear my head and make my own list! But what if I sneak a peek at Tom's list too......

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