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(stands back)

(studies photo)

(puts on glasses)

(studies again)

No.  Sorry, Mariser.  This can't be.  I like cake better than pie, but am not a cake person.  I'll stand alone for Team Cheese.




That looks fatal.


Now, deconstruct it into its components and I will gladly eat the cakes and pies, but together? Abomination.

Cap'n Stephel

Holy cow. I have my doubts about the pumpkin being in there, but the other two would be good. Where’s the ice cream?

I feel like this is deja food. Maybe I’ve seen something similar on This Is Why You’re Fat..

Dancing Bear

A pastry Turducken! Brilliant! Spoon.  Check.  Knife.  Check. Fork. Check.  Rolaid. Check. Let me at it!


Wow.  Just... wow.  It's the perfect dessert after your terducken.


I dunno. I'm inclined to say yes, just because of the awesome name. Cherpumple. Cherpumple. Cherpumple.

Dancing Bear

I am interested in trying a Lembooberustard next.


<puts on bib, grabs fork, dons safety goggles>
Stand back, this could get ugly...

gunderson bee

I think you're right!

I sent that picture to my kid. He replied *awesome*. And I said... *scary!* and *I'm NOT going to make that for you!*


Harkening back to my days in Tennessee - *That just ain't right.*


yowsa, that looks mighty!



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