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Why typepad?

I tried moving my lonely 4 vids left here to WP  but Vox won't "share"...still. It says it will but WP tells me Vox says mad-tante isn't a username. Erm...yes, it is. I'm commenting here. Grrr.


I did it because it was offered..  so far is disappointing and I'm not sure if I'll keep it.
the carrot dangled in front of us we VOXers would get a 'basic' Typepad blog, but that's not what happened to me - I got the "microblog" (a cross between Tumbler and Twitter), which sucks.



Ech...yeah, I'm about ready to leave Tumblr cos it's ya know, HARD TO WORK WITH. Easy to post but unless you "retweet" it or click the heart for like, it's HARD to use. I'm not that stoopid, either. I'm old, though...

Don't like being reminded of that! :)

Hangaku Gozen

I've added you to my Readomatic list: see you on the other side. 

(God, it sounds like I'm on my death bed, or I'm about to jump off a cliff. This has been more depressing than I wanna think about.)


cool.  there is "Readomatic" and "blog surfer".  they seem to overlap a bit.

please go to the vox diaspora blog in wordpress (see note) and join us.

NOTE: for those of you moving to Wordpress, be sure to check the exVoxer blog RedScylla setup: http:voxdiaspora.wordpress.com it is a central location to collect the blog addresses of exVOXers now at wordpress. please leave the address of your wordpress blog in the comments

Dancing Bear

I will be in touch.


I am feeling everyone's pain.

Damn it. I am adrift.

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