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heh.  you noticed it first!

We are the few amongst the porn/real estate spammers who have overtaken Vox like a jungle of weeds through a deserted city.


[this is sad]


as of today, they've announced Vox is closing at the end of this month.


It looks like I spoke too soon.  I should've saved my [this is sad] for your announcement.

Cap'n Stephel

Wow, I didn’t notice that..


If only they'd let us stay and farm the city!  But instead they're going to bulldoze it and put up some TypePad condos and MoveableType townhomes.

Sad sad sad sad news.  I hope you guys will leave a comment on my post with where you can be reached, so we can stay in touch and regroup after Vox closes.

Felipe Anuel



I am stunned at my prophetic powers.  should run out and get a lottery ticket this evening.

I just updated this post with my contact information going forward.  I'll be checking around your blogs for forwarding info.


When I left August 2009, I clearly stated that I'd been having soooo many problems for A FULL YEAR.

I know others said they didn't experience the same troubles, which were eponymous and oddly, intermittent.

Like you, just prior to Vox's announcement, I've just about decided to RECOMMENCE blogging. Too many people sick, dying or trying to kill themselves over the past 2 years has made me an unhappy blogger (in addition to my job now having only 1/8 of its original workers -- yup, still here!).

Interesting timing all around.

green drink

I got you now. So glad to hear your thoughts about the issue.

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